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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Filipina in Naked Parfum

The lovely Filipina considers perfumes as much a part of her fashion style as the accessories she prefers. Just like her fashion choices, the fragrance she chooses says a lot about her personality. Designer fragrances are like designer handbags, with different styles for the day and night, summer and rainy days. This sweet Pinay’s perfume can say a lot about her mood. Here are some points to bear in mind regarding scents and perfumes, The mind-body connection is most obvious in our sense of smell. A fine fragrance has the potential to invigorate you with its affluent or subtle scents. It has the power to define your persona and effectively transmit your significance to the world. If you're in a corporate set-up, it would be practical to pick a perfume that has a crisp, light and pleasant fragrance. If you’re attending a wedding or an important event, based on your feelings, your perfume can be rich and spicy, sweet and fresh or even have a touch of mystery and allure. The differences between a man and women are never more pronounced than when perfumes are concerned. Women go for delicate floral scents, while men go for more pungent and outdoorsy ones - emphasizing nature in all its ruggedness. The fiery aroma of musk for instance, will definitely feature in a male perfume, as will the fresh, light earthy scent of pine-cones. The fruity fragrance of jasmine, the sweet, heady sophistication of pure rose - these have been scents that define a woman, or more particularly the classy strong Pinay. Most Filipina students and working girls exude such captivating whiff that appeal to cultured men and the elegant at heart.


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